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If you have received support at the Northern Birthwork Collective, from our birthworkers or through one of our programs, please share a testimonial by clicking the button below.

My partner and I found out at 36 weeks pregnant that the birth of our first baby wasn't going to happen quite as we had expected or hoped for. When we met with Treiva, we weren't sure exactly what support we needed, just that we wanted an extra person on our side. She was there through all the plot twists in the last weeks of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She's got great energy and we really clicked with her. Ultimately her support contributed to what turned out to be a really positive birth experience. We're super grateful for her help and would definitely recommend her!

2023: Jessie received prenatal and postpartum support from birthworker Treiva


"Both of my sisters used doulas in the past for the birth of their children, so I knew it was something I was interested in having for the birth of mine. I was paired up with Melissa, who met with me multiple times prior to my labour and shared helpful resources. My goal was to have an unmedicated birth, but I was open to interventions as needed to keep me and my baby safe. I ended being in active labour for about 24 hours and stalled at 9cm for 16 hours. By the end, I tried almost every intervention and required an emergency c-section to deliver my baby. Some may feel disappointment in how this labour went, but I felt empowered (while also tired) and confident that I made all the decisions needed to keep my baby safe and deliver him before he became distressed. Melissa and my husband were incredible supports that helped me to achieve a positive experience. Melissa also was an emotional support to me postpartum and was able to assist with some challenges I was having achieving a good latch. I would highly recommend her to others and plan to utilize her again if I become pregnant a second time."

2023: Claire received prenatal, labour and birth and postpartum support from birthworker Mélissa

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“The NBC provided incredible support when we were required to travel for the birth of our first child. We were able to obtain doula services and other support during our time away from our home community and our family. Having a doula to support us during a difficult and unexpected birth made all the difference for our new family. This experience could have been incredibly traumatic, however due to this support, we were able to make informed and confident decisions during our birth. This program is amazing. We will be recommending to any other future parents and are very grateful for the support of our doula and the NBC.”

2022/2023: Tanya received labour and birth support, evacuation for birth support from birthworker Mélissa


“Debating and planning for a VBAC was a tremendously scary and emotional process for me. Not only did Sabrina empower me make the decision that was right for me but she allowed me to feel confident and, dare I say, even excited about my upcoming labour. Her calming presence, thoughtful considerations, vast knowledge and boundless care allowed for a beautiful birthing experience. I truly can't put into words how special it was to have her by my side..”

2022: Isis received labour and birth support from birthworker Sabrina


“My second pregnancy was really tough both physically and emotionally, more so than my first. I had very little support from my partner at the time and that caused a lot of emotional distress and feeling of being alone in the pregnancy and birthing experiences. I had a lot of fear that I would end up alone in the delivery room. My mother called the Birthwork Collective for me trying to get me some support in case she would be out of town during my delivery; Sabrina answered my moms call and she was at my house within hours of that phone call. When I met Sabrina I was blown away by her knowledge around birthing, her calming and inviting nature, and her desire to help me through this major life process. She has so much to teach and share with pregnant women, not only around the clinical processes but about your rights during birthing (which was amazing). She sat with me for about 2 - 3 hours a few times to go over absolutely every detail (even the uncomfortable ones) and I felt so much more prepared and relaxed knowing that I had her in my corner. She was kind and considerate of cultural aspects around birthing and uses traditional methods she has been gifted to use. She really went above and beyond for me before, during, and after the birth of my daughter. Sabrina really quickly became more than just a doula to me, but my friend. I am so grateful for her and the medicine she brings to the world. If you have the opportunity to work with Sabrina, I really encourage you to do so because she will make the whole experience so much more safe, meaningful, and empowering. Sabrina is nothing short of an exceptional doula.” 

2022: Desiree recieved prenatal, labour and birth support from birthworker Sabrina

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