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Offering unwavering support during pregnancy, labour, and birth.

Here's how NBC can support you:


What does labour and birth support look like with NBC?


Birthworkers offer continuous and unwavering support during your pregnancy, labour and birth. Before your estimated due date, your birthworker will meet with you for 2 or more prenatal visits (dependant on when the care relationship starts and what your needs are). These visits will last 1-2 hours.


During prenatal visits, your birthworker will begin to develop a relationship with you so that you feel comfortable and familiar with them attending your labour and birth. Their goal is for you to feel heard and validated, as well as empowered with knowledge so that you can birth in confidence. These visits are an exploration of comfort measures to achieve that goal, as well as an opportunity to share information about medical options and interventions. They allow you the space to explore fears, worries or concerns that come up about labour and birth. Your birthworker can also help you create a list of birth preferences (a birth plan) that is right for you.


At the time of labour, your birthworker is on call to join you when you need them (usually around active labour) and puts their knowledge of your wishes and desires to use. They comfort you emotionally and physically, reassure your partner and work closely with the rest of your care providers to ensure that you are respected and heard.


Following the birth, they stay at the hospital with you for a few hours to make sure everything goes well during the early postpartum stage. Usually, there is a hospital visit within the next 24-48 hours (if you and your family are feeling up to it).

Birthworkers provide highly individualized care to meet the needs of their clients, so  their support will look different from person to person. Additionally, each birthworker is unique and will bring a different set of skills to each visit.

Evidence-based benefits of having doula support:

  • Decrease risk of cesarean 

  • Increased likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth 

  • Decrease in use of pain medication

  • Shorter labours

  • Fewer complications and medical interventions

  • Increased satisfaction with birthing experience

  • Greater success with breast/chest/body feeding 

  • Decreased risk of babies having low Apgar scores



Our services are free for Black, Indigenous and People of the Global Majority, members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, those impacted by the evacuation policy and low income people and families.

A sliding scale is available for anyone else. Please see our Green Bottle Sliding Scale Guide to see which bottle fits your financial capacities best. 


Bottle 1 - $1300


Bottle 3 - $700


Bottle 2 - $1000


Bottle 4 - $400


Use the link below to be directed to our booking support form. Kindly check off "birth support" in the form so we know what offering you are interested in booking.


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