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Everyone deserves safe access to abortions and support during their abortion.

Here's how NBC can support you:

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Appointment emotional support and distraction

Birthworkers/doulas can be available to support you by escorting you to your appointment. Our presence can be to provide emotional support, listen without judgement or to offer distraction by playing games or having light conversation. We will also just sit with you in silence and solidarity if that is what you need.


Appointment transportation

Birthworkers/doulas can help you get home from your appointment if you have had a surgical abortion and need support getting home due to sedation. They will accompany you in a taxi (paid for by the Northern Birthwork Collective) and ensure you get home safely.


Telephone support (listening without judgement)

You can contact the Northern Birthwork Collective at 867-686-1442 between the hours of 9am-5pm Wednesday-Thursdsay if you would like to speak to a birthworker/doula about your abortion.

This can be to support you in the process of decision making, or navigating feelings after your abortion.

We are a small team and will do everything in our capacity to answer or get back to you ASAP if we are unavailable to answer. To receive support outside of these hours, a great resource is the Action Canada Access Line 1‑888‑642‑2725. The Access Line is a fully confidential nationwide abortion support line that can help you access additional resources, support and information surrounding your abortion.


Connection to mental health resources

If you are experiencing difficulties with your mental health due to your abortion and the support you need is outside of our scope, we will support you to connect to mental health resources in the community


Abortion support with NBC is cost-supported.

There is no need for reimbursement for our abortion services. 



If you would like to access Abortion Support from NBC, please text or call 867-686-1442 or email 


Sabrina Flack


Jenna Blanchard


Cailey Mercredi


Jess Bourassa


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Melissa Stockwell


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Treiva Plamondon



All of the birthworkers/doulas working with the NBC will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. We are aware of the sensitive nature of abortions and make it a priority to keep members of our community safe and their health care choices private.

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