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  • Lactation Specialist
  • Community | Yellowknife

I completed my training in lactation support in February 2023. I wanted to train in lactation support because I want to live in a community where parents and babies are held and supported through the challenging and wonderful early years.

I breastfed both my children, but like many of us, the thing that seemed most natural didn’t exactly come naturally. I needed a lot of help, and even with help it was a challenge. I have experienced and seen firsthand how isolating and anxiety-inducing it can be to struggle to feed your baby. 

My studies covered lactation and infant feeding from the prenatal stage through to returning to work and weaning, and included instruction on formula feeding, supplementation and postnatal support for birth givers. I can offer in-home pre-and postnatal assessment and support in improving latch and positioning, developing and maintaining milk supply, pumping, and troubleshooting issues that arise throughout the feeding relationship. I can also help families who choose to or need to bottle feed with integrating loving and responsive feeding techniques that support attachment and bonding with their infant.  


I am a mom to two beautiful boys, and a lifetime settler Yellowknifer. I have followed Northern Birthwork Collective closely since its inception, and am very excited to have something to contribute their incredibly important work. I am drawn to being in community with others and love supporting people to overcome challenges and meet their goals. I believe in reproductive justice and in creating a more affirming and inclusive community for birthing parents and families.

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