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  • Knowledge Keepers advisory committee member

Bev is of the Swampy Cree people from Grand Rapids, MB, on her mother’s side, and is of Scottish/English descent on her father’s side. As someone of mixed lineage, she offers herself as a bridge of understanding between both worlds.

With 30 years of cumulative experience as a child and youth care work, and a social worker, Bev has been successful in all facets of service delivery. Her career has taken her from grass roots frontline work to leadership roles within different community, government, no-for-profit, provincial, and territorial organizations. Complimenting her abilities in contemporary educational settings, Bev is also very experienced with differing cultural, traditional, and “on-the-land” teachings.

Bev started her career in the North, leaving for educational purposes and having always planned to return "Home" to give back and be of service. Having worked in BC, Alberta and the NT, Bev's experience acknowledges the varying teachings amongst differing nations, communities, families, and individuals. Justly, she holds a deep respect for the uniqueness and distinction of each. 

Bev sees it as a deep honour to work within a community to make her programs a safe and meaningful experience. She flourishes by making each experience significant, real, and validating the worth of each participant. 

Bev acknowledges the words of her Elder, who shared that laughter is the best medicine and the #1 healer, in all aspects of her life: "Although there is serious work to be done, we can still laugh and enjoy each other in the present." As such, and in line with her teachings, Bev is always prepared to share in fun and good laughs.

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