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  • Knowledge Keepers advisory committee member 

Ruth is a Gwich'in Mother, Grandmother, and Elder living in the Inuvialuit Region in Inuvik, NT. She has been a traditional birthworker for most of her life. Ruth attended her first birth at the age of 15 and has since attended around 100 births, supporting family and community members. Ruth is passionate about the revitalization of traditional birth practices and bringing birth back to the community.

Ruth has professional experience working at the Gwich’in Tribal Council and has done a lot of volunteer work with children at the East Three School. She is very committed to her work with families and children and looks forward to using her many years of knowledge as a traditional birthworker to support the NBC to develop the Northern Indigenous Birthwork project. Ruth is a member of the Knowledge Keepers Advisory Committee where she will advise on program and curriculum development.

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