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  • Steering Committee Chair 

I have always been fascinated by the world of birth, birthwork and everything that goes along with it. I have spent most of my life working with children and families in early learning and child care settings; however my heart has always belonged to the birthwork and the world of infant care.

As a fat transgender non-binary human who was born and raised in the NWT it has been a huge passion of mine to bring forth awareness and visibility to the communities I am apart of in relation to how they are seen in the world of birthing and birthwork.

I believe that NBC is an important project because every birthing person and family deserves care that is reflective of and responsive to their respective experiences.

It is also important that birthworkers in the north feel valued and respected in the important services they provide for people in the NWT.

Having an organization that can spearhead the much needed changes and growth to birthwork and the birthing experience in the NWT is vital to healthy growth and development of children and families in the north. It will also bring much needed support to the folks doing the work on the ground.

I see the future of birthwork in the NWT as being one of inclusive practices that treat each birthing person as a whole. Where every family is given the opportunity to succeed by giving them individualized supports from the beginning of their birthing journeys. I am extremely honoured to be a part of the beautiful future in store for the birthing world of the NWT.

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